Member Environmental Stewardship

CCCA members care about the environment and take their responsibility to preserve global resources very seriously. The environmental stewardship of member companies extends from the products they manufacture to the processes and operations at plants and facilities.

This leadership is also expressed through CCCA's membership on the Sustainable Technology Environments Program™ (STEP) Foundation's Board of Directors as a Supporting Member.


Environmental Programs of Individual CCCA Member Companies



Through its entire existence, Alphagary has been totally committed to a strong Safety, Health and Environmental (SH&E) impact management philosophy. While we produce a wide range of specialty plastic compounds to benefit our Customers, Employees, our Community and the End Users of products using our materials, we have continuously invested in Product Development, Manufacturing and Management systems to meet the highest level of Sustainability Principles.

Environmental Accomplishments:

  • Alphagary has been proactive in ALL aspects of our business to provide the best practices to manage materials, energy and water so as to reduce waste and emissions from our facilities.
  • Alphagary has implemented the appropriate Quality & Environmental Management Systems in each of our facilities. We continue to work closely with leading global institutions and education programs to both present and learn of successful Sustainability programs. We have been recognized as leaders / contributors in these programs by such stakeholders as the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute, EPA’s “Design for the Environment”, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and UMass Lowell Institute for Plastics Innovation and Green Chemistry.
  • We have completed a number of recognized accomplishments over the last several years. These include the elimination of “lead stabilized” compounds, reduced energy consumption by >1MM kilowatt hours per year and coordinating the engineering / construction to close septic / sewer systems with three adjacent industrial facilities in Leominster, Massachusetts. This commitment has had its rewards as we have received several Good Corporate Citizen recognitions.
  • Alphagary continues to “Act Now” for a Clean, Safe and Responsible future. We will continue to have strong / committed relationships with our Customers and Suppliers to create a Sustainable and valued business, on behalf of all of our employees and our Communities.

For more information, please visit: Alphagary

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CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY - In 2010, Anixter created the position of Senior Director Corporate Sustainability, which oversees a 14 member global steering committee that includes representatives from all business divisions and support departments that report to the President/CEO. Anixter’s corporate sustainability program seeks to continuously improve business processes to control and reduce the impact associated with its targeted environmental aspects of energy, waste, materials and natural resources, and transportation. By targeting measurable results within each environmental aspect combined with using A Sustainable PathSM Approach, which focuses on the economic, environmental and social impacts of the organization, Anixter balances corporate social responsibility and return on investment.

Environmental Accomplishments:

  • ISO 14001: ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Anixter currently operates 30 locations that are ISO 14001 certified, and it is targeting 13 additional facilities for certification in 2011 and 30 in 2012.
  • ENERGY - In its offices, warehouses and data center, Anixter has installed new products and processes to reduce energy consumption, which helps to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions and lower operating costs. From lighting controls to energy monitoring systems, Anixter is looking at new and innovative ways to lower its energy use.
  • WASTE - Anixter is using waste brokers in North America and the U.K. to improve operating efficiencies and expand recycling. In 2010, Anixter recycled more than 2 million pounds (907,194 kg) of cardboard and more than 1.9 million pounds (861,834 kg) of wood at 126 North American warehouses. Anixter operates similar programs at other global warehouses in addition to specialized plastic and metal recycling programs.
  • MATERIALS AND NATURAL RESOURCES - In 2010, five of Anixter’s largest U.S. warehouses purchased new Kraft paper-packing machines. Most Kraft paper is made from 100 percent recycled content. This program helps minimize Anixter’s environment impact while simultaneously providing additional protection to boxed materials during shipping.
  • TRANSPORTATION - In 2010, more than 80 percent of Anixter’s U.S. and preferred international outsourced transportation spend was with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s certified SmartWay carriers. Anixter is beta testing monitoring devices in cars, vans and trucks in the U.S. and the U.K. to further improve fuel economy.

For more information, please visit: Anixter

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Berk-Tek Programs for Ecological Responsibility

Berk-Tek, A Nexans Company, has been stepping up efforts to reduce its impact on the environment through many sustainable development programs. All materials used in Berk-Tek cables meet RoHS compliancy, as well as California’s Proposition 52, focusing on safety in product materials, such as lead- free jacketing. Berk-Tek’s aggressive recycling program includes reprocessing all copper and jacketing scrap material from the manufacturing plant and putting it back into useful applications, such as household garden hoses, avoiding landfill. In addition, all cable packaging -- reels and cable boxes -- is manufactured with recyclable materials. Within their main copper manufacturing facility, they have installed an EPA-sanctioned water management system that uses an evaporation procedure to eliminate all processed water and treats all sanitary water before being released into the environment. Globally, Nexans has initiated in-house programs to minimize their global footprint through programs, including:

Environmental Accomplishments:

  • Forming a Corporate Social Responsibility group to implement sustainable development strategies within the company, community and for our customers.
  • Developing new eco-production processes.
  • Evaluating life cycle assessment and researching complete recycling solutions.
  • Monitoring environmental performance through ISO 14001 specialized audits (currently 63% of Nexans sites are EHP certified and 56 sites are ISO14001 certified.
  • Partnering with The CarbonNeutral® Company to compensate for all CO2 emissions generated during Nexans’ business flights by purchasing high-quality carbon offsets from the Uchindile-Mapanda reforestation project in Tanzania.

For more information, please visit: Berk-Tek, A Nexans Company

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Our world demands more than effective and advanced chemistries. It demands that we deliver essential technologies at a lower cost to our shared planet. More people need the benefits of transportation, communication, power, and electronics, and they need them to have greater efficiency and efficacy. With the help of our customers, we are meeting those demands—with new technologies, chemistries, and applications that are central to ushering in a battery of changes, including: the era of autonomous vehicles, the golden epoch of spaceflight, the fifth generation of wireless communications, the era of renewable energy, and the coming global effort to combat climate change.

For more information, please visit: Chemours


Sentinel Connector Systems

Sentinel Connector Systems, a LEADING EDGE RJ-45 CONNECTOR MANUFACTURER, is GOING GREEN and helping the environment through aggressive R&D programs, automated manufacturing technologies and energy saving initiatives.

Environmental Accomplishments:

  • Under Sentinel’s “Design for Production” philosophy and investment in automation, molding equipment and processes operate 24/7 with essentially no scrap of non–recyclable materials. Sentinel’s commitment to automation as a strategy to drive down energy consumption enables its molding floor to operate in a total “lights out” environment with minimal on- site supervision. The result is significantly lower overall energy consumption, further reducing strain on the grid during periods of peak power demand.
  • New energy efficient lighting systems installed throughout the facility to reduce operating costs, improve light quality and lower maintenance costs. Over the fifteen year life of the system, savings are estimated at 3,400,555 kWh. Corresponding environmental benefits include 5,236,855 pounds of Carbon Dioxide emissions avoided, 10,202 Pounds of nitrogen oxide emissions avoided and 20,403 pounds of sulfur dioxide emissions avoided. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful environmental pollutants, this will reduce air pollution and improve air quality, equivalent to 2,542,163 pounds of coal not burned or 649 acres of forestation (trees) added or 457 cars removed from the road or 284 homes provided with electricity.
  • Major investment in air conditioning upgrades include installation of new, energy efficient air conditioning systems resulting in a threefold increase in energy efficiency.
  • Other projects, planned or underway, include: installation of roof top solar panels to provide electricity for the building by working with government agencies and consultants; extensive reprocessing/recycling all paper, plastic, and metal scrap materials including the precious metal recovery of gold plated parts.
  • RoHS - Restriction of Hazardous Substances compliance. Sentinel Connector Systems adheres to the European Union Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment 2002/95/EC.

For more information, please visit: Sentinel Connector Systems

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The Siemon Company

Having been ‘green’ long before the term was an industry buzzword, Siemon’s innovative environmental approach and stellar measurable accomplishments make each employee proud to provide an excellent model for how other companies can offset carbon emissions while protecting and preserving the environment. In 2012, Siemon’s global operations achieved carbon negativity. The company has been awarded the 2013 EPA Environmental Merit Award in the business category for demonstrating a sustained commitment to improving New England’s environment and for recognition of environmental achievements accomplished during the previous year. Winners are selected based on long-term effects on the environment, ability to address an environmental problem or need, collaboration with others and the use of innovative ideas or techniques. The Siemon Company received the award for the following 2012 accomplishments:

Environmental Accomplishments:

  • Carbon negativity achieved across all Siemon global operations, offsetting global emissions by more than 179%. Zero-Landfill status achieved through an innovative waste management program.
  • Yearly carbon output reduced by a combined 16,885.3 metric tons. More than 976 metric tons of waste recycled annually at Siemon sites globally.
  • Reduction of water usage by 5% from 2011 usage through the use of a closed water loop system. Electricity consumption reduced by more than 5% via variable frequency drives (VFD) and other smart technology. Annual reduction of cardboard square feet by 1,991.6 via new packaging processes.
  • Annual reduction of cardboard square feet by 1,991.6 via new packaging processes. • Collaboration with conservation initiatives, including the Salmon Falls Watershed Collaborative, Moose Mountain Regional Greenways (MMRG) and the Branch Hill Farm.
  • Ongoing employee incentives and innovative technologies, such as the company’s clean solar energy system

For more information, please visit: The Siemon Company

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Superior Essex International LP

The first and only communications cable manufacturer able to contribute to LEED certified building projects with EPDs and HPDs.

Superior Essex is firmly committed to sustainable practices and constantly strives to lead innovation and design toward more sustainable product solutions. We practice a high level of environmental sustainability in our manufacturing processes by conducting operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We are the first in our industry to conduct an independent full Life Cycle Assessment examining the environmental impact of our high performance copper data cabling products, including our raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, installation, and end of life practices. We are also the first and only cable manufacturer to contribute toward LEED certification by publishing third- party verified Environmental Product Declarations and Health Product Declarations™, which provide full disclosure on the environmental impact and health risks associated with high performance data cabling. By evaluating and measuring environmental performance, we aim to continuously reduce our environmental footprint and improve the transparency of our manufacturing process.

Environmental Accomplishments:

  • The first and only communications cable manufacturer able to contribute to LEED certification by obtaining Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and Health Product Declarations™ (HPD™). EPDs disclose the full environmental impact of a product or product family, and HPDs describes product contents and each ingredients relationship to human and ecological health.
  • Completion of Life Cycle Assessment for 4-pair premises copper cables.
  • Implemented a closed loop water systems that recycles 100% of the water used in the extrusion process.
  • Reuse or recycle more than 50% of the waste that is generated in our production process for use in new production.
  • Send less than 10% of the total waste we create during the manufacturing process to landfills.
  • Outfitted our facilities with compact fluorescent systems, reducing our annual energy consumption by 8 million kWh.
  • Supply reels and spools made of recycled materials, and offer a reel recycling program to our customers.
  • Use biodegradable inks on our boxes and cable print strings, as well as craft packaging.
  • Compliance with Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), and Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Initiatives.
For more information, please visit: Superior Essex

Tyco Electronics

Tyco Electronics is committed to complying with all applicable environmental, health, and safety laws and to the protection of its employees and the environment. Tyco Electronics is committed to designing its products and processes in a manner that minimizes risks from the manufacture, use, and disposal of its products, and is seeking to conserve energy, water, and raw materials and to reduce waste and emissions. Tyco Electronics actively participates in industry forums and standards organizations addressing management and control of hazardous substances and has implemented a "Design for the Environment" training program for its engineers. Tyco Electronics environmental programs and initiatives include the following:

Environmental Accomplishments:

  • Tyco Electronics features a Product Compliance Support Center that provides access to information to assist customers in conversion to RoHS compliant products, including cross reference and technical documentation (company and legislation).
  • Tyco Electronics is reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project regarding greenhouse gas emissions from its operations, and has implemented energy conservation measures resulting in annual savings of 26 million KwH - and is continuing to conduct energy audits and explore ways to further reduce energy usage.
  • Tyco Electronics has over 60 facilities registered under the ISO 14001 international environmental management standard. Each facility regularly assesses its environmental impact and identifies and implements efforts to allow the facility to continuously improve its environmental performance.
  • For many years, Tyco Electronics has recycled packaging materials within its plants around the world. During 2008, its plants in North and South Carolina recycled 3.7 million pounds of corrugated cardboard packaging and 80,000 pounds of stretch film. The cardboard and film is collected, compacted, and sold to recyclers -- who utilize the recycled cardboard material for making new corrugated boxes, and use the recycled stretch film to make boards for fencing and outdoor decks.
  • Tyco Electronics products consist primarily of metal and plastic. Tyco Electronics recycles as much scrap material as possible, both because it saves the company money, and because it is better to reuse the material than to have it disposed in a landfill. In fiscal 2008, in North America alone, Tyco Electronics recycled over 28 million pounds of scrap metal and over 8 million pounds of scrap plastic.

For more information, please visit: Tyco Electronics

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