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CCCA Counterfeit Communications Cable Fire Test
CCCA conducted fire tests at Underwriters Laboratories (UL), comparing counterfeit communications cable to compliant cable. Watch the dramatic results!

CCCA CableCheck App Overview
Helps identify and avoid non-compliant & counterfeit communications cable Available for iPhone and Android Devices


Webcast: Non-Compliant Communications Cable:
Understanding the Risks & Avoiding Liability
Part 1: How Big is the Problem & What Can Be Done


Webcast: Non-Compliant Communications Cable
Part 2: Potential Liability for Contractors


Webcast: Non-Compliant Communications Cable
Part 3: UL Labeling and Marks for Telecom Cable


CCCA Organization Overview
Excerpt from a presentation on CCCA at a BICSI Conference


Structured Cabling vs. Top of Rack in the Data Center
A guide for data center professionals and IT managers, this webcast discusses CCCA's whitepaper, which examines the many factors to consider when evaluating top of rack (ToR) and structured cabling configurations, including the impact of those configurations on total management; scalability and upgrades; interoperability; equipment, maintenance and cabling costs; port utilization; power consumption and cooling requirements.