Washington, DC  December 23, 2010

The CCCA will be presenting at the 2011 Winter BICSI Conference in Orlando, Florida January 16-20. The session, entitled “Caveat Emptor… Let the Buyer Beware-A Warning More Important Than Ever” will be presented on Wednesday, January 19 by Todd Harpel, Director of Marketing at Berk-Tek, a Nexans Company, on behalf of the CCCA.

Frank Peri, CCCA’s Executive Director, said, “We appreciate the opportunity BICSI has given us to present findings from several extensive test programs to evaluate the performance of lesser-known brands of imported copper communications cable and patch cords against NFPA codes and industry standards for transmission. We felt it essential that the contractor and user communities were fully aware of the serious non-compliance problems uncovered and had the information and recommendations to help them meet customer expectations and avoid serious pitfalls, including possible liability exposure.

Following the presentation, both BICSI and CCCA will post the slides on their websites for public use and for those who were not able to attend the conference.

CCCA emphasizes that many of its members are well recognized global companies with international manufacturing facilities and business operations. The identified quality issues and failure to comply with industry standards are not necessarily regional in nature, but rather the result of the use of low-quality materials and components, or poor quality controls and assembly methods, usually intended to reduce manufacturing costs.

The CCCA presentation will complement the presentation to be given by Steve Galan of Underwriters Laboratories entitled, “Telecommunications Cable: Specifying and Installing Products in Compliance with Fire Safety and Transmission Performance.”

About CCCA

CCCA, a non-profit corporation formed in 2007, has a mission to serve as the major resource for well researched, fact-based information on the technologies and products of structured cabling media to support current and future needs of the networking, IT and communications industries. CCCA is proactive at codes and standards bodies and other trade, industry and governmental organizations in communicating and influencing policy and decisions affecting the quality, performance and societal needs of the structured cabling infrastructure.

CCCA member companies: ADC; Accu-Tech; AlphaGary; Anixter; Belden; Berk-Tek, a Nexans Company; Cable Components Group; CommScope; Daikin America; DuPont; 3M Dyneon; General Cable; Optical Cable Corporation (OCC); OFS, a Furukawa Company; PolyOne; Sentinel Connector Systems; Solvay Solexis; Superior Essex; Tyco Electronics.

Headquarters: 1001 Pennsylvania NW, Washington, DC, 20004.