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State Legislative Initiatives to Restrict Low-Voltage Contractors and Integrators From Installing Equipment, Cabling and Infrastructure

CCCA is aware of legislative initiatives taking place in multiple States and Jurisdictions that would modify or limit licensed and certified Low-Voltage Contractors from installing Class 2 / Class 3 circuits and powered low-voltage cabling and equipment, such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) or other applications. The important safety requirements for these installations have been carefully considered and implemented in recent code cycles of NFPA 70, National Electric Code® (NEC®).

These legislative proposals could adversely impact multiple low-voltage trades and systems installers in applications such as Fire Alarm, Security & Surveillance, Audio/Visual, Enterprise Data/Network, LED Lighting, Home Automation/Theatre, Telephone, Cable TV, Digital Electronics, Building Automation and emerging technologies utilizing low voltage power distribution.

CCCA supports licensure requirements that are competency-based, along with fair legislative regulations based on industry-accepted codes and standards. CCCA would support and promote model legislation that will assure the consumer a safe and certified project. Our premise is to recognize appropriate safety and competence requirements, as well as to maintain any proposed legislation as “non-exclusionary”.

It is our desire to be a part of a group of similar-minded Associations or Affiliations so as to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our resources to make people aware of these legislative initiatives in each affected State or Jurisdiction. We would like to dialogue with other Trade Associations or Affiliations to share information and eventually move toward a common position on responding to legislative actions. This would also provide for stronger representation of our collective industries and individual members when they have meaningful discussions with State Government Legislative Representatives or Local Jurisdictions on this issue.

About CCCA
CCCA was formed on the principle that the industry could be served and strengthened by leveraging the efforts of individual leading firms into a single “voice” and mission that would benefit the structured cabling community and its supply chain. Today, the association’s backbone is an active Board of Directors and working committees that manage the association, execute our mission and provide a platform for member benefits and initiatives.

Mission Statement
CCCA is a major resource for well researched, fact-based information and education on the important issues, technologies and structured cabling products impacting the current and future needs of the building network and cabling infrastructure. CCCA is proactive in supporting and participating in codes and standards bodies and other trade, industry and safety organizations, which affect the quality, performance and societal needs of the structured cabling infrastructure.

CCCA focuses its mission on “What You Need to Know” to stay abreast and well-informed on topics and issues vital to the structured cabling and connectivity industry.

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