Project Description

CCCA conducted fire tests at Underwriters Laboratories (UL), comparing counterfeit communications cable to compliant cable.

This video briefly introduces the problem of counterfeit cable and shows the actual fire test and the spectacular results. View the other videos in the CCCA Communications Cable & Connectivity Association channel for more specifics on the counterfeit cabling problem. There are cable manufacturers that are manufacturing communications cable that does not pass fire and life safety building codes. However, they are labeling this cable with all the markings you might expect to find on properly constructed cable.

CCCA conducted this fire test as part of our mission to inform you about this counterfeit cable in the market, which is usually purchased at “bargain” prices online. Contractors need to be aware that they have liability if installed cable is counterfeit, even when the manufacturer’s spec falsely represents it as compliant. The law requires that you do due diligence.